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Our route through Spain

There have been a few riders who have downloaded our Spain route and either got lost or found it hard to navigate. It’s vital you understand this is not a step-by-step route or guide. You should click the links and do your own homework LONG BEFORE you ride off to Spain.

It’s no good sending us emails when you’re lost asking for help! – It’s been 4 years since we were there and our notes are long gone. Roads, trails, byways may have changed legal status in this time.

We cannot offer any further advice or help on this. Much of our route we made-up on the day. The document is not a tour guide, it’s the best we could do, so use with caution and please do not go alone. Really sorry, but we are not available to offer support on this. You use our notes / map links / PDF at your own risk. If you still want a copy, complete the form below with the subject of ‘Spain’. Thanks for understanding.