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We’ve been having email problems with Gmail accounts; if you have contacted us from a Gmail or GoogleMail account we’ve been unable to respond. This is now sorted, so please re-send your message and we’ll reply this time! Apologies.

Our route through Spain

There have been a quite a few riders who have requested our route through Spain and Gorafe and have either got lost, ran into trouble or found it hard to navigate. As the route is now 6 years old, many trials, roads etc, could have changed legal status or simply not exist anymore. Therefore, we’ve decided not share our maps and notes anymore for your own safety.

Thanks for understanding. Please visit the Trans Euro Trail Website if you’re looking for legal off-road trails in Spain.

Working with Motoeuro

We have the great pleasure of working with some fantastic, high-profile brands across our YouTube platform. If you have a product you feel suits our audience or activity, then reach out via the contact form below. Please note we cannot commit to all requests, thanks for understanding.