From time to time we get to review bikes and stuff. Lucky us!

Let’s be up-front here, we don’t get paid for this. So, if we don’t like something or perhaps a bike just isn't right, we’ll say so. We’re hardly professionals, just giving our opinion and trying to have a laugh.

Like everything is life, you should always make your own mind up, but just for fun here are some of our thoughts on bikes and accessories we're tried out. A very big shout out to Newcastle Motorcycles who’ve been so kind lending us many bikes!


One of our faves!

I try out some smoke grenades and go for a mini-adventure on a mini bike. The charming Honda Monkey is 125 cubes of pure happiness. Join me as I visit some of the North East’s most iconic destinations on board a bike you'd think would be ridiculous…

Would you consider this little Funky Monkey? Don't knock it until you're tried it!

Honda CRF250 Rally - The good and the not so good...

CRF250L250 Rally

Living with Honda's 250 single 'soft-roader'.

If you're thinking of buying a used CRF 250L or Rally, stick around...

I've made it about half-way on the Trans Euro Trail on my Honda CRF250 Rally from Newcastle to Cumbria. It's fun, light (ish) and practical, but it's far from perfect.

Time for a nice sit down and reflect on this little bike with a brew.

Watch the review video by clicking here.

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Honda's NT1100 - Powered by an Africa Twin

The love child of an Africa Twin and the X-ADV, the new Honda NT1100 is surprisingly well equipped. We ride off to another country (sort of) to review the latest from Honda.

Dave Thorpe Honda Adventure Centre

We visit the Dave Thorpe Honda Adventure Centre, can we learn a thing or two and have a laugh on the new Africa Twin 1100? Is this worth £500 for the two-day adventure course?

Dango Designs Gripper Mount for action cameras

How creative can we get with the Gripper? And, is it any better than GoPro’s sticky mount system? Honda CRF250L and BMW310GS hit the very cold, wet trails and get all 'creative'.

A perfect bike for the TET?

Could Steph Jeavons, Ben King and Austin Vince be wrong? I’ve tried all of Honda's road-legal CRF’s, perhaps it’s the small 250L that would be most fun... Hidden in plain sight all this time?

Why no Honda Transalp?

Honda TransAlp

Even now in 2022, we've still no Honda Transalp...

But why? There’s no middleweight adventure bike from Honda.

Yamaha's T7 and Aprilia Tuareg seem to be soaking up the middleweight sales and with Moto Morini back and Ducati having a go, oddly, nothing from Honda.

I’ve come up with some theories as to why the CRF 650L, or even a CRF 850L, Honda Transalp, hasn’t come back.

Bring back the Honda Dominator!

Honda Dominator
Dominator Watch the film

Lighter single or heavier twin?

Would you prefer a lighter more trail capable single from Honda? Anyone up for a new Dominator CRF600L? Or, yet another 200kgs adventure bike?

Honda re-registered the Dominator name back in 2017/18, they’ve had time to get this right – Is 160kgs and 60hp just too much to ask for?

Perhaps an AJP PR7 alternative would be just right! Check this out on our YouTube channel.

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