From time to time we get to review bikes and stuff. Lucky us!

Let’s be up-front here, we don’t get paid for this. So, if we don’t like something or perhaps a bike just isn't right, we’ll say so. We’re hardly professionals, just giving our opinion and trying to have a laugh.

Like everything is life, you should always make your own mind up, but just for fun here are some of our thoughts on bikes and accessories we're tried out. A very big shout out to Newcastle Motorcycles who’ve been so kind lending us many bikes!


One of our faves!

I try out some smoke grenades and go for a mini-adventure on a mini bike. The charming Honda Monkey is 125 cubes of pure happiness. Join me as I visit some of the North East’s most iconic destinations on board a bike you'd think would be ridiculous…

Would you consider this little Funky Monkey? Don't knock it until you're tried it!

New Honda XL 750 Transalp - well, it's back...

New XL 750 Alp

Hurrah! It's back!

Honda's XL 750 Transalp returns, but not eveyone is happy...

Apparently, the mountains are calling. The 1980’s Honda Transalp has matured into a 90hp, 750cc adventure bike and priced at around £9,500 or 11,000 Euros, it’ll sell in bucket loads – But I just can’t put my finger on why it’s not for me…..

It’s just a bit too ‘Honda’ – Low pipe looks shocking, bland looks, a little vanilla or just too ‘safe’ perhaps. I loved the look of the Africa Twin when it came back, but this? No thanks.

I try YouTube 'shorts'....

Not sure about this one, but TikTok style #shorts seemed like a fun idea - You guys decide....


Kriega Trail 18 ADV Backpack

Bombproof? Overengineered? Last a lifetime?
Yes to all the above.

The Kriega Trail 18 ADV backpack is becoming my fave piece of kit.  Quadloc harness, combined with high-tech construction materials to meet the needs of ANY adventure rider. Features a small internal waterproof pocket for a phone and wallet, combined with the main roll-top body providing a total of 12-litres 100% waterproof storage.

The Hypalon net (hexagon netting on the back) is ideal for external storage of wet gear, or just for a spare pair of gloves.
Motoeuro score: 100% - Buy yours here.

R3 Waist Pack

This gem will hold your valuables, GoPro, phone etc, as you circumnavigate the globe….
On a Yam TY 50…
After a zombie apocalypse…
In a tsunami...

Yes, it’s that good. Stop messing around and just buy one. Don't trust your costly / important kit or passport to a shoddy copy off eBay. Nuff said.

Motoeuro score: 100% Buy yours here

Watch the YouTube short above.


Better than QuadLock - The Peak Design Moto Mount

Peak Design Mobile Eco System

Credit where it’s due huh?

It takes some balls to fight with QuadLock, but the Peak Design mobile mount system for motorcycles is better. Let’s read that again.

Beautifully designed and manufactured, the Moto Mount is superb, complete with anti-vibration dampening, this award-winning mount is witchcraft. 

So easy and versatile with tiny footprint, if only Peak Design could get their order book organised, we’d all have one. 

No, I’m not getting paid or received a 'freebee' to say this.

Credit where it’s due.
Watch the YouTube short above.

Honda CRF250 Rally - The good and the not so good...

CRF250L250 Rally

Living with Honda's 250 single 'soft-roader'.

If you're thinking of buying a used CRF 250L or Rally, stick around...

I've made it about half-way on the Trans Euro Trail on my Honda CRF250 Rally from Newcastle to Cumbria. It's fun, light (ish) and practical, but it's far from perfect.

Time for a nice sit down and reflect on this little bike with a brew.

Watch the review video by clicking here.

More video reviews

SW Motech Crash Bars

Well made, power coated and easy to fit, these SW Motech crash bars for the Aprilia Tuarge are superb! And cost less than HALF the price of the Aprilia OE parts....

Honda's NT1100 - Powered by an Africa Twin

The love child of an Africa Twin and the X-ADV, the new Honda NT1100 is surprisingly well equipped. We ride off to another country (sort of) to review the latest from Honda.

KTM 390 Adventure

Is the KTM 390 ADV a cut above the Rally Raid BMW 310GS? We treat KTM’s Duke inspired 390 Adventure to a mud bath, get it stuck, ride some sloppy trails and explore the medium of mime…

KTM 390 Adventure – What could go wrong?

Is the small Austrian a big deal? A KTM 390 Adventure arrives to replace the BMW G310GS. We take to the trails for a first look at the 390 Duke inspired ADV Bike….

Bring back the Honda Dominator!

Honda Dominator

Lighter single or heavier twin?

Would you prefer a lighter more trail capable single from Honda? Anyone up for a new Dominator CRF600L? Or, yet another 200kgs adventure bike?

Honda re-registered the Dominator name back in 2017/18, they’ve had time to get this right – Is 160kgs and 60hp just too much to ask for?

Perhaps an AJP PR7 alternative would be just right! Check this out on our YouTube channel.

Honda NX500

Honda NX 500
It's not a Dominator...

A new CB500X, hardly a 'Domi', but a twin cylinder soft-roader. The ‘Honda NX’ – standing for ‘New X-over’ is simply a new name for the CB550X with a few tweaks and extra tech.

Sad news for the single loving riders among us. A bit like calling Ed Sheeran exciting...

Never surrender