Switzerland is biking paradise. It’s also bloody expensive!
Pick up a few tips from Motoeuro as we explore this amazing, jaw-dropping country.

At last, we get to ride the famous alpine passes of Switzerland. This mind-blowing place is a ‘must-do’ on two wheels, but oddly we choose 4 wheels to get our bikes there. All is explained in our first ‘feature length’ film.

Welcome to our guide to the Swiss Alps. We reveal our favourite passes, where to stay and a very special secret gem. We’re riding a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin and a KTM 1050 Adventure. Enjoy.


Superb roads, speeding and bread. FFS…

Hope you enjoyed our Switzerland film as seen on ‘Adventure Bike TV’. Stay within that magic figure of 8 and you’ll be blown away by the superb roads, high peaks, sheer valleys and beautiful lakes. This country is epic but can be busy – pick your battles.

Stay away from dates near European holidays, it’s manic and hotel accom is even more expensive. Some Swiss passes will open in June but could easily be snowy and very wet. We travelled in very early July and were lucky with the weather. We did have a least one down day due to heavy rain and fog.

Switzerland isn’t cheap: A take away Pizza, if you can find one, is around £25, a bag of fries around £8. In a pub, a glass of wine £16, a pint of beer £9, yet fuel is strangely inexpensive. Traffic fines in Switzerland are insanely heavy. Remember Baron von Grumble getting nicked? £4,000 fine. Owch.

If you get nicked at for speeding in 3 digits (MPH) you’re up for a fine in the big thousands, your bike could be impounded and you may get kicked out of the country with no support. So just relax, soak it up and enjoy every corner. Oh, and I hope you like bread…

Essential Swiss passes, ride both directions…

  • St Gotthardpass
  • Furkapass (Goldfinger movie)

  • Grimselpass
  • Nufenenpass
  • Sustenpass
  • Oberlapppass
  • Splugenpass
  • Passo del Bernadino
  • Passo del Lucamagno
  • The amazing Oberaar Glacier

  • Speed limit built-up areas: 50 km/h

  • Outside built-up areas: 80 km/h
  • Dual carriageways: 100 km/h

  • Motorways (freeways): 120 km/h
  • Vignette sticker CHF 40 (£32) per bike