It all started with the discovery of the Trans Euro Trail…

Trail riding in the UK is fraught with issues. Bridleways and footpaths are strictly forbidden, as are common areas of land, national parks and off roads on MoD land. If you bump into an angry farmer with a shotgun the consequences might be a lot graver than a fine and a firm telling off.

Enter the TET – All legal, all free, and surprisingly we discover fantastic trials are just on our doorstep in Northumberland.  You’ll still be riding through someone’s land, so always be respectful and courteous, it costs nothing to wave of smile. Enjoy our journey...


Trans Euro Trail - Newcastl upon Tyne to Holy Island (Lindisfarne).

What will you discover on the Trans Euro Trail UK Borderlands from Newcastle upon Tyne to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne? Great trails, river crossings, castles and the beautiful UK North East coastline. Add a splash of more water, a dropped bike, sand and taking the odd wrong turn over foot bridges. Oh, and very, very wet feet….Fill 'yer boots - Enjoy!

TET Borderlands

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Can one of Honda’s smallest and cheapest adventure bikes handle the TET. Hidden in plain sight all this time - The CRF250Rally.

Check out some of our other TET adventures. Usually things don’t go according to plan, but that’s the fun of adventure, I am told….

TET Vs Honda CRF250 Rally


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How hard can this be? I break the golden rule and head off on my Honda CRF250 Rally on the Northern UK Section of the TET

Trans Euro Trail Borderlands section - First try...

TET Borderlands

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Take a Honda CRF250 Rally on the Trans Euro Trail UK Borderlands with some dodgy tyres and a brew. Perfect. Nothing can go wrong.

Africa Twin too heavy?


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In this episode - An Africa Twin gets very wet, Steve drops his pants, a top box is violently sick and we test out some crash bars…

KTM 390 Adventure | Small bike. Big laughs!

KTM 390 Mudbath

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We treat KTM’s Duke inspired 390 Adventure to a mud bath, get it stuck, ride some sloppy trails and explore the medium of mime…

Can tyres make you invincible?

Dunlop D902

I swap my Anakee Wilds for Dunlop D952...

Nothing can go wrong. Dunlop D952’s turn me and my CRF250 Rally into an off-road weapon on the Trans Euro Trail*.

My Anakee Wilds filled in easily with mud, something more knobbly was needed as we continue our adventure on the UK Trans Euro Trail. However, knobblies are always a compromise - Trail work is great, but road miles are terrifying, noisy and uncomfortable.

*Of course, as usual, I was completely wrong… They don’t.

Is the BMW 310GS Rally Raid edition a good bike for the trails?

Rally Raid BMW G310GS

UK motorcycle engineering company Rally Raid Products offer a cool range of wheel and suspension upgrades plus accessories for the  BMW G310GS, to significantly improve it’s all-terrain and off-road ability.

He's replaced it with a KTM 390 Adventure, but the GS is was a great little bike.

(Apart from the seat).

Rally and BM G310GS