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There's nothing better than getting out on yer bike, especially if you can take the time to explore Europe - better weather, better tarmac and some of the twistiest roads imaginable, Europe is a must-do on two wheels.

From the legend that is the Stelvio Pass, the Spanish Pyrenees and bonkers Nurburgring to Tuscany, the Millau Viaduct, the highest road in Europe and the Trans Euro Trail, what could possibly go wrong...


God knows why, but we’ve been invited back to the ABR Festival 2024.

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Held in the grounds of a typically opulent 16th century country house in Warwickshire, the ABR Festival is an ideal excuse to ride your bike off road, get hammered, overeat and share hangover stories. Visit: Visit the ABR Festival Website here.
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Motoeuro ABR Festival 2024

Awesome Moto Makeover!

I’ve fitted a moto sticker set by MotoProWorks to my KTM, the full ‘Waypointer - Dawn/Honeycomb’ decal kit for my 790 Adventure R. Was the moto sticker set worth the time and effort? Check out my KTM before and after - What do you think?

Save 15% off your moto makeover at MotoProWorks by using the voucher code 'motoeuro15’ at checkout. You’re welcome 😀 If you’re off to the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, hunt me down, you’re welcome to have a closer look.

KTM 790 Adventure R goes in search of coffee on 200 mile test ride....What could go wrong?

Goodbye Aprila Tuareg - Hello KTM 790 Adventure R

Motoeuro ABR Festival 2024

Motoeuro flashbacks

Motoeuro to Stelvio and Tuscany

14 days, 7 countries
 - A 3,000 mile epic adventure taking in St.Tropez, Cannes, the Stelvio Pass, Tuscany, Jaufenpass and even the odd Autobahn. Yes, we drank far too much.

The Stelvio Pass

Conquering the Alps!

At almost 10,000ft in the sky, Col de la Bonette is the highest traffic bearing pass in Europe. Motoeuro heads off is search of 'proper Alps', the Napoleon Route and Grand St.Bernard.

La Bonette

The Spanish Pyrenees

We ride the Spanish Pyrenees in glorious sunshine with full intention of coasting the French Riviera, Napoleon Route and more. Let's hope no one breaks down. FFS...


Riding the Nürburgring 'Green Hell'...

Motoeuro Nurburgring

Jackie Stewart nicknamed the ‘Ring as "The Green Hell" in the late 1960’s. It’s Infamous, dangerous and just a bit bonkers. Some people take this really, really seriously. We try to, but fail.

It was probably during a good Friday night out the boys of Motoeuro decided to ride the Nürburgring. Blame the beer. We bolted on a few days in the Black Forest with seemingly endless sweeping roads on the B500 and a visit to the spa town of Baden Baden. Sounds like a plan.


Take a BM’ R1200RT, a Triumph Daytona 955i and Aprilia’s mental Tuono, book the ferry tickets, hope for dry conditions, off we go. Discover our nerve shredding adventure to the ‘Ring motorsports complex in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Exploring the Trans Euro Trail

Trans Euro Trail

The Trans Euro Trail is a 50,000km adventure from the Arctic Circle to North Africa.

Trans Euro Trail is an epic motorcycle journey through some of Europe’s most remote, diverse and inspirational landscapes. Powered by a team of enthusiastic volunteers called Linesmen, the 'TET' relies on its community to find and manage the evolving network of tracks that criss cross thirty countries.

We've been exploring the Northern UK section, unbelievable that these great trails are on our very doorstep and we never knew!

Discover more by clicking here.
(oh, and please donate the cost your first tank of TET fuel to keep the project alive!)


CRF250 RallyCRF250 Rally

Never buy new for the TET…

Okay, that feeling is great - A brand new squeaky clean bike is a real joy. A very special moment in time. But the TET doesn’t care what you ride and those first few scratches and dents on the panels and engine casings are heart-breaking.

Relax, save big cash and go used. With the arrival of the CRF300L a used 250L or Rally are aplenty and cheap. Throw some loose change on knobbly shoes and experience Europe’s largest dirt bike adventure.

New tyres won’t make you invincible, but will pay dividends.

Gorafe and Tabernas Desert adventure on an Africa Twin, BMW R1200GS

Can we find Honda's Africa Twin marketing film locations? We ride to Spain to find dusty tracks, rocky ridges and cold beer.

Can 3 unfit middle-aged friends, on very heavy bikes, have a proper adventure?

Remember, it’s NOT a holiday! Movie chosen by legend Austin Vince for the Adventure Travel Film Festival!

Latest from the Motoeuro YouTube Channel

I've gone all orange...

I ride Northumberland into Scotland looking for coffee.
What could go wrong?

The return of the Alp....

Honda's 2023 XL750 Transalp
Smart or lazy?

What will you discover on the TET UK Borderlands?

Great trails, river crossings, castles, beautiful coastline, more water, a dropped bike, sand and taking the odd wrong turn over foot bridges.

ABR Festival 2023 - Beer, Bikes, BIG hangover....

Ironically, we all ride bikes to a big boozer in a field...
Welcome to the ABR Festival 2023!

Just can't get enough? More flashbacks...

Motoeuro guide to Switzerland

Honda's Africa Twin and KTM's 1050 Adventure ride off to the Swiss Alps (sort of). Our guide to the best alpine passes, famous roads and where to stay.


The tallest bridge in the world.

At 270m tall, the Millau Bridge is the tallest in the world. Discover how Motoeuro eventually make it to this magnificent construction despite too many beers.

Millau Viaduct

Heavy bikes off road in Spain

2,700 miles, the boys go in search of Africa Twin Film locations, dusty tracks and rocky trails in southern Spain. Enjoy our 'feature length' movie!

Spain off road

A fantastic trail riding adventure and it's free...


Download the free GPX file from the TET website and get started with your mates on what could be the adventure of a lifetime. Pick your battles, summer is the easiest time to tackle those water crossings and muddy ruts will be dryer and easier.

Get some good tyres, TCK 80's and Anakee Wilds will do, but for the sloppy stuff you’ll thank me for choosing something a little more dirt focussed (I'm on Dunlop D952's). As the saying goes ‘light is right’ do your homework but give it a go - Don’t break the first rule; ‘Never trail ride alone’. Believe me, it’s easier to pick your bike up with a couple of mates and more fun, don’t be precious, after all it's just a bike!

Navigation is simple with a GPS enabled phone or a dedicated unit (like a Garmin, but they're pricy). Avoid so-called free Apps, many will be full of pop-up ads and require a subscription after 30 days to get the most detail and features. With View Ranger dead, we’re using OS Mapping App. Pay the annual fee and its excellent.

The route is challenging in terms of distance and sometimes terrain. It crosses remote backcountry areas and a degree of riding and mechanical competence is required. Tricky sections can be avoided by taking detours – that’s the adventure, it’s up to you!


Discover amazing trails and open spaces

The TET is not graded by difficulty, that would be a near impossible task given the ever-changing conditions and the consideration of tyre choice, fitness, your riding ability etc.

However, here are a few tips from us…. Always follow the TET Code of Conduct, remember the trails go both ways, there’s a fair chance you’ll meet someone coming the opposite direction so go careful on single track. Always take some food and water, most trails are short (1-3miles) but on sloppy days, that can seem far longer! Give way to walkers, horses and cyclists by stopping and switching off engines. Take lots of photos / video! Post on the TET Facebook page.

Just for fun, visit our ‘Tails from the Trails’ page or for more, see our YouTube Channel. Enjoy 😀