New bike coming soon...


Well then... Someone can't help himself! Stay tuned for a new arrival in the Motoeuro Garage....

Boasting an Akro, 44hp, 150kgs and a quick shifter, this new bad-boy will be revealed soon here on - Will give you a hint..... It's got orange in it...

  • More info soon...

  • More info soon...

BMW G310GS Rally Raid edition

BMW G310GSBMW G310GS Rally Raid

Rally Raid Products include suspension upgrades, Scorpion cans, spoked wheel kits and accessories to help transform the BMW G310GS into a capable adventure motorcycle.

34hp sounds very good, however, they left out a replacement seat – that sculpted perch is a ‘love or loath’ topic. And don’t start Steve off about the rear seat latch mechanism; all the crud and mud from the trails has seized it. Pass the hammer….

  • Sounds awesome

  • More HP that a CRF250

  • Spoked wheels

  • Good suspension

  • Weight about right

  • Fair road manors

  • Stalls too easily

  • Poor seat

  • Small 19"/ 17" wheels

  • Seat mech corrodes

  • Rear mud-guard

Honda CRF250 Rally

CRF-250-RallyCRF 250 Rally

Under the plastic is essentially a bog-standard CRF250L with an odd face. It's a good fun, last-for-ever, trail bike. But the protection the extra bodywork gives the Rally model is significant, giving much improved wind protection for bigger road miles.

The 250cc single cylinder, four-stroke engine is adequate when it comes to road use, on the TET the Rally is surprisingly capable and is laugh out loud fun. That skinny 21inch front cuts through the mud and clarts with ease and 24 ponies do the job. However, you’ll be praying for more on the roads…

  • Refined and easy

  • No engine re-builds

  • Just light enough

  • Bomb-proof reliability

  • Riding position

  • Laugh out loud fun

  • Surprisingly capable

  • Lacks power

  • Too tall for some

  • Soft suspension

  • Dreadful brakes

  • Sounds a bit rubbish

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Africa Twin DCTHonda CRF1000L Africa Twin DCT

The Africa Twin boasts true globe-trotting credentials both on and off-road. It feels light-ish on the road and is frugal. In 2016 this was one of the most impressive true adventure bikes you could buy, and a stunning return for the prestigious Africa Twin name.

On the TET it's a little too big and heavy, but that's not what it was designed for. Ride off to the Dolomites and tackle the odd gravel trail, the AT will chew up the road and easy trail miles in comfort. Mud plugging is not recommended.

  • Will almost go-anywhere

  • Superbly bult

  • Infectious soundtrack

  • Comfortable and easy

  • DCT works well

  • 21" front vague at speed

  • Too heavy for the TET

  • Quite pricy even used

  • Terrible stock rubber

  • Painful to pick-up

  • No tubeless rims

Aprilia's bonkers Tuono

Aprilia TuonoAprilia Tuono

Geordie’s Tuono is one of the more bonkers machines to come from Aprilia. This is the firm's RSV stripped down to be a big-bore, naked, fire breathing beast to take on the muscle bike market.

The 998cc, 60-degree V-twin engine is a hooligan pushing out a massive 150hp, and Geordie loves it. For now, she’s locked away in a secret location, fed red meat and kept in a crate until further notice.

  • Neck breaking power

  • Brilliantly agile

  • Chassis outstanding

  • Hooligan nature

  • No weather protection

  • Licence shredding

  • Throttle response